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Recreation & Tourism

Explore all the wonderful outdoor adventures Willsboro has to offer!


The Gateway Trail System
The Entrance to Essex County's Pioneer Settlement
(Willsboro, Lake Champlain, & Champlain Area Trails)

Beginning at the Gateway Park located on NYS Route 22 overlooking the Boquet River and Willsboro Falls, the trail takes travelers down to the Boquet River front via Mill Lane, connects to Gilliland Lane via the Main Street Bridge and follows a meandering trail through the Gilliland Park and Willsboro Preserve (owned by the Adirondack Chapter of the Nature Conservancy). This path take visitors past several historic sites, as well as tremendous fishing access-ways. It tells the story of how and why Willsboro came to be the first place of settlement in Essex County. This trail system connects individuals to the regional Champlain Area Trails system and the Lakes to Lockes Blueway Trail. The Town has developed official and unofficial partnerships with all of the above stated organizations and several private land owners to make this significant tourism piece come to fruition.

Historically, this trail travels along the geographic areas upon which the Town's settlement (William Gilliland (1765)), and two significant military events took place (the Burgoyne Proclamation & Encampment (June 20th, 1777) and the Battle of the Boquet (1812)). The Town is seeking to promote this significant historical area, while simultaneously protecting it by way of creating a non-intrusive educational trail.

With a rich outdoor recreation history, the Town is continuing to embellish upon this extremely valuable component of the community's economy.

Other significant recreation hot spots include:

Heritage Preservation

Museums & Libraries:
Willsboro Heritage Center
* The Paine Memorial Library
* (Cornell Farms)
1812 Homestead 

National Historical Register Sites:
* The Adsit Cabin
* Aiken, Abrahams House
Edgewater Farm
* Flat Rock Camp
* Sheldon-Owens Farm
* Willsboro Congregational Church
Willsboro Central School (1902)

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Youth Commission 

Members of the Willsboro Youth Commission
Krissy Leerkes 
Tierra Jaquish
Jhami Santillo 
Nancy Arthur
Michelle Baker 

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